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Spreading the #ZoniLifestyle

Zoni Girls is a black owned, family owned, womens skatewear boutique started by three sisters' passion for fashion and skating. From one diverse family to another, We strive to enhance skate culture one skater at a time. Inspiring our community to feel confident in their skin, style and skates. Looking good helps you feel good! We want our customers to not only be balanced on their wheels...but balanced in their mind and bodies too. That being said, When you strap on your Zoni armor you're ready to take on whatever life throws your way. Living the Zoni Lifestyle is a constant reminder to be true to yourself, to practice positive self talk, and to remember that there is only one you! Guess that makes you pretty Unique!

"I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself."

Emma Stone

We come from a very diverse family. Like many of you, we have experienced being shamed or cast out for our differences. But the one thing we love the most about the skate community, is that it doesn't matter here! No matter how "different" you may be from the next, when you see another skater, you've made an immediate friend. Zoni Girls is here to enhance skate culture. We are here to give you the armor you need to feel confident both in and out of the skate community. Self confidence is your super power, its not your business what anyone else thinks of you. Help us spread the #ZoniLifestyle. Shop ZoniGirls🤘🏾.

"What other people think of me is none of my business. "

Eleanor Roosevelt

Meet The ZoniGirls


Founder - Roller Skater

The power center and influence behind the Zoni Girls brand. Paige has always been task driven, motivated by challenges, and guided by creativity--the perfect blend of qualities to turn a dream into reality. As a professional ballroom dancer, with a heart rooted in contemporary and ballet, Paige naturally has a creative drive and endurance, which in turn lead her to skating! Skating is a sport, yet there’s a grace and movement to it that just clicked naturally with her, even though she thought she was just looking for another cardio outlet, she fell in love with it. She was then inspired to create Zoni Girls, with

her two sisters who have also fallen for various wheeled sports. Combining her love for skating, family, and ambition, Zoni Girls came to fruition. Her values that helped shape the mindset of this company include being uniquely you, and 100% authentic, living your life truthfully and beautifully, and affirming yourself regularly that you can do what you set your mind to. It doesn’t matter what people say, how you are judged, or who tries to pull you down, her desire is that Zoni Girls will help nurture the next generation of strong women, and continue to nurture her as well.


Stylist - Skate Boarder

Sasha, the youngest sister has spunk and sass, and a personality that exceeds her years. She always keeps everyone on their toes, with random bursts of energy, spontaneous dances, and her continuously changing passions and hobbies. She’s dabbled in photography, dance, crafting, and now skating--trying everything on four wheels. But her true passion is fashion! She styles all the Zoni models from head to toe, hand picks our merch, and is always keeping her sisters stylized to the max!! She loves staying up to date on trending

fashions and cruising through the Arizona evenings with her (giant) golden doodle Kylo. Sasha is an active supporter and fighter for the Black Lives Matter movement, other racial justice projects, LGBTQIA+ rights, and is quick to rally for anything she finds herself moved by. She’s amazing in web design and coding and has put a significant portion of her time into the creation of our beautiful Zoni Girls website and shop with fire and fierceness. Nothing dulls this girl's spark!


Artistic Director - Roller Blader

Age 22, and a loving pug mom. Tashi is a bad a** rollerblader and by far has the biggest kahunas out of the Zoni sisters! Tashi is always the first to try any crazy trick and jump feet first into anything! But most importantly she is the art of Zoni Girls! Our customers' experience at Zoni Girls is a pure reflection of Tashi’s art, beauty and mind. Everything on the customer side of Zoni Girls has been carefully thought out and curated by Tashi to

ensure the best experience for each individual customer. She has put in so much time and hard work into this company all while pursuing her major in psychology and minor in studio art. Tashi hopes to use art as a tool to help connect and heal those in need. Her kind heart and warmth is what drives us to give every woman the tools they need to feel confident in their skin, style and skates!

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