Meet Jocelyn Banks!
February 20, 2021

Hey Zoni’s! It is the last week of Black History Month and we’re continuing our celebration by casting a spotlight to black skaters in our community! Because roller skating is so heavily enriched in the black community, we hope to not only continue preserving skate culture but also spread education during this month’s celebration!

Check out Miracle’s video interview on YouTube below!

We are so excited to share this week’s feature with you! Some of you may know her as @bunmira on Instagram -Miss Miracle!

Miracle is so beautifully pink! She is a make up artist, a creator and overall a beautiful soul. I can’t wait to share more about Miracle and how she uses skating to enjoy life and connect with her black culture. We sent her a series of questions. Watch her video to see it all! 

Check out Miracle’s video interview!

Miracle, Thank you for being apart of our mission to support skate culture and spread the #ZoniLifestyle! We look forward to your growth as an artist and watching you grow as a skater! Keep being authentically you. 

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For all of you at home, we hope to see what makes YOU unique by using #iSkateBecause and #ZoniLifestyle. We hope you all Have a wonderful Black History Celebration! And can’t wait to see you next month for Women’s History Month! 

Check out Miracle on Instagram here!!

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