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Our Mission

In 2012 Quest to Cure closed their doors due to the founder’s twin sons being recipients of Bone Marrow Transplant. Although Quest to Cure's doors were closed, the founder Kristine Buchanan remained as the go to person for community outreach and received more than ten calls a month from hospitals, individuals with sickle cell disease and community organizations requiring her competence of the sickle cell community.

It was clear that even in Quest to Cure's absence, their continuous presence provided much needed services to those battling sickle cell disease and other genetic disorders. Kristine was then convinced to reopen Quest to Cure's doors even if it meant using her own personal funds because a community in crisis is a community that needs championing. However, Quest to Cures success and sustainability cannot be contingent upon Kristine’s meager salary. As well, in the current financial environment, there is no room for small parent led organizations due to the competitiveness for financial support for nonprofit organizations. In fact, there seems to be no room to expand or give individuals much needed help even though Quest to Cure has the expertise and the call to do so from the individuals we serve. Your support is needed.

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What We Do

Education & Prevention

Providing public education & preventing genetic disorders from being passed on to newborns.

Health & Healing

Inspiring healthy habits such as pain coping and healthy eating.

Youth Transition

Where patients with genetic blood disorders transition from child-focused medical care to the adult care system.

Access to Care

A medical home focused on resources, referral and advocacy to those effected by genetic blood disorders.